Our clients are typically active, engaged, and intellectually curious individuals and families. Their lives are busy with work, travel, family, and philanthropic causes. They are not inclined toward managing their own investments, though they do want to be sure that they have entrusted the management of their resources to an experienced, professional team who will do the worrying for them.

We prefer to work with patient, long-term investors who appreciate a disciplined approach to investing wealth through various market environments.

Our clients are diverse in just about every imaginable way. Among others, we enjoy working with:

  • Women investors, professionals, and entrepreneurs.
  • Couples seeking an equal voice in the management of their family‚Äôs resources.
  • Individuals and families going through life-changing events such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or a career change.
  • Business owners looking to sell their company and diversify their assets.
  • Investors interested in sustainable investing.
  • Clients seeking help in orchestrating philanthropic goals.
  • Grandparents wishing to fund higher education for their grandchildren.
  • Soon-to-be retirees who are contemplating what it means to transition from a paycheck-centered lifestyle to one powered by their investment portfolios.