Decision making that is disciplined

We provide our clients with a constant and steady presence during times of uncertainty or change. We offer a disciplined approach that mitigates the influence of emotions on investment decisions. We periodically rebalance portfolios to maintain target allocations and we remain prepared to address any shifts in the long-term strategy that are warranted by changes in our clients’ life circumstances. This is quite different from reacting to changes in market valuations.

We independently develop our own sense of the health of the global economy through rigorous analysis of data. In today’s nonstop news coverage, we do not pay attention to the plethora of talking heads peddling popular opinion. We believe that this serves our clients well through the discipline of ignoring the noise of short-term events and relying instead upon the wisdom of a long-term approach.

Advice that is both objective and coordinated

Bull City Advisors is an independent boutique firm that is not affiliated with any broker dealers, leaving us free to choose the best custodians and vendors for our clients.

We take the lead in collaborating with our clients’ attorneys, tax preparers, and other professionals to ensure that we are a coordinated team working toward the same goals for our shared clients. We also serve as an advocate for our clients when they encounter difficult situations, whether it involves another professional, a family member, or an unrelated party.

An emphasis on active investment managers

We believe strongly in the value created by actively managed investments. We engage with managers who have both skill and experience in identifying companies with strong financial and management profiles that have been overlooked and undervalued by the market. Our managers’ strategies generally demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • A long-term focus which helps minimize turnover and enhance the tax efficiency of their portfolios.
  • Concentrated strategies which demonstrate the manager’s conviction and facilitate a deep understanding of the businesses that comprise the portfolio.
  • An approach for each portfolio investment as if the manager were buying the entire company.